Since 1925
offering legal advice

Rossi & Asociados was founded at the beginning of 1925 by Dr. Augusto F. A. Rossi with the aim to provide services of legal counsel.

His course of action and ideals were further continued by Dr. Augusto T. A. Rossi, Jr. who later specialized in notarial law.

Over one hundred years later, the spirit and foundational values are carried on by his grandchildren Augusto and Alejandro, as well as their partners.

Through the years, the firm has always been characterized by its excellency and added value to every issue it handles.

The thorough knowledge of our clients’ businesses and unwaivable undertaking toward services rendered by the firm are combined with the highest standards of professional ethics.

Since its creation, Rossi & Asociados has developed a significant background that evidences its ability to excellently handle a wide range of legal challenges. The firm has received local and international renown, either by clients and colleagues alike.

Rossi & Asociados was founded on the following bases:

  • A solid course of action and wide expertise of its partners and founders.
  • A team made up of talented lawyers having strong ideals, who share a common respect of professional ethics and passion for their work and dedication towards clients.
  • A set of professional standards shared by all members of the firm, and applied to advising on the complex transactions our clients are party to.

Practice Areas

We have a team of highly-specialized professionals in each area of the law, as detailed below.

Real Estate Law
Civil and Commercial Law
Corporation law, and their incorporation